Kubota ZP330 propane mower

Kubota Tractor Corporation announced the new eco-conscious Kubota ZP330 as the latest addition to its top-of-the-line Z-Series commercial mowers. The ZP330 – featuring either a 60- or 72-inch deck option – boasts a 31-gross-horsepower 3-cylinder, liquid-cooled, liquid propane gas (LPG) engine for reduced CO2 emissions.

Kubota is also mowing down out-of-pocket costs on the ZP330 by partnering with the Propane Education & Research Council (PERC) to offer a $1,000 purchase incentive through the Propane Mower End-User Incentive program. To further increase customer savings, this incentive can be combined with the Kubota $400 Customer Instant Rebate and existing state Propane Gas Association rebates. Additionally, the end-user incentive program is running concurrent with a Propane Mower Demonstration Program that allows customers to try out a Kubota ZP330 propane mower before purchasing.

“The Kubota ZP330 marks an important evolutionary step in our zero-turn line of mowers, providing clean-burning propane power for professionals who are looking to ‘go green’ with less emissions,” said Christine Chapman, product manager for Kubota. “The new ZP330 allows Kubota dealers to provide an important offering to today’s eco- and efficiency-minded consumer, delivering on the Kubota promise to offer quality, innovation and value at every turn. And, we are excited to offer our customers a purchase incentive to introduce them to propane-fueled mowers.”

The ZP330 liquid-cooled LPG engine delivers eco-friendly performance with reduced CO2 emissions compared to gasoline and diesel while maintaining the same high levels of productivity. The engine’s clean-burning propane also eliminates carburetor maintenance and vapor lock problems along with the convenience of long-time storage without worry of fuel deterioration – providing optimal performance for years to come.

The full-size chassis ZP330 boasts 60-inch and 72-inch Pro Commercial mower deck options, both built to maximize cutting performance and deliver on the job demands required of turf professionals. Engineered with a 6.5-inch-deep design and unique baffling, Kubota’s Pro Commercial deck efficiently generates high suction for a defined cut, while maintaining proper airflow for effective clipping discharge.

Additionally, the deck is shaft driven with a hydraulic wet-type PTO clutch, ensuring solid engagement and years of lasting performance. As with all Kubota Z-Series mowers, the new propane engine model comes equipped with Kubota’s high-performance twin hydrostatic transmission (HST) for smooth operations.

The Propane Mower End-User Incentive Program is available through any dealer on new Kubota ZP330 dedicated propane mowers equipped with the eligible 60- to 72-inch cutting deck range. Customers accepted into the program can purchase up to 10 eligible mowers with program incentives, and must sign a commitment to provide feedback about mower usage throughout the mowing season. This information will help PERC to acquire a variety of performance data that will be used to further advance the market for propane-fueled commercial mowers.