A sports turf installation company has invested in a brand new Leica GPS surveying system to ensure that their pitches are laid to perfection.

Turf specialists use Leica equipment to perfect pitches

Cranfield-based (in England) TGMS has purchased a Leica Vivia GPS system, which will allow them to make use of all available satellite systems when they measure out a project and have the Smartnet correction service hone their results even further.

The system will also allow them to work off the Ordnance Survey National Grid and use the national measurement and mapping standard, whatever the work they are carrying out on a pitch.

TGMS field engineer and surveyor, Oliver Munro, said the acquisition would give an added level of precision to their work.

“This not only ensures that we can continue to provide our existing services, but we can now also offer additional services such as setting out a site for re-grading, setting out pitch locations and as built surveys,” he explained.

His opinion, and the quality of the surveying equipment they use, add credence to statements made by TGMS’s director, Dr Richard Earl, earlier this month to Sports Management Magazine, in which he emphasised the importance of a correctly laid and maintained sports pitch.

“Creating an environment within which turf will thrive is crucial to long-term sustainability,” he said. “The application of science and engineering to the design and construction of natural turf facilities has a lot to offer the industry. However, long-established, basic principles are often ignored.”