BAUER hose-reel irrigation system

The BAUER Group announces its new PRORAIN F30 and F40 hose-reel irrigation machines — setting new cost and performance standards in the irrigation industry. BAUER is a global leader in state-of-the-art irrigation equipment

The new PRORAIN product line is designed with price in mind, without sacrificing quality. The newest hose-reel irrigators from Bauer pack a punch like never before, distributing water over 295-foot-wide strips, ranging from 1,375 to 1,900 feet in length. Each model is equipped with BAUER’s dependable pendulum equalizer, for maintaining a level sprinkler.

The corresponding wheel cart allows for a variable track width of 5 to 6 1/2 feet, while the four-speed gearbox and electronically controlled turbine ensure precise precipitation rates and optimum efficiency.

Hydraulic supports make it easy to swivel the reel; mechanical and hydraulic swivel aids are available as options. Machines can be equipped with under- and over-pressure shut-off valves. BAUER also offers solar panels as a standard feature to power the Ecostar irrigation computer system.

“The price-quality ratio of the PRORAIN is really outstanding,” according to BAUER sales director Heimo Wiesinger.


The Bauer Group at a Glance

The BAUER Group, based in Voitsberg, Austria, with North American offices in Michigan City, Ind., is an international leader in irrigation and slurry technology. Bauer began producing wastewater and slurry pumps in 1930. By 1947, it had become an international leader and innovator in the irrigation technology sector, with the patented Bauer lever lock quick-coupling, named after company founder, Rudolf Bauer. The company continues to make technological advancements in the biotechnology, wastewater treatment and biogas sectors.  For more information visit: