Rain Bird launches new Maxicom2 V4.1 central control software

Since it was launched in 1999, Rain Bird’s Maxicom2 central control system has become well known for its ability to control literally hundreds of irrigation sites from the convenience of one central computer. Ideal for municipalities, homeowner associations, school districts, universities and parks departments, Maxicom2 has saved users untold amounts of water, time and labor over the years. Now, Rain Bird is making Maxicom2 even better by releasing new software with updated features and enhancements that will make the central control system even more efficient and user-friendly.

Maxicom2 was originally designed to simplify irrigation management for multiple sites by making one personal computer into a Windows-based “irrigation command center” with helpful on-screen explanations and prompts. Its efficiency and ease of use have helped thousands of irrigation managers precisely water landscapes while saving money on water, labor and power. In fact, Maxicom2 has been shown to achieve water savings ranging from 25 to 45 percent per year.  Because Maxicom2 makes it so easy for irrigation managers to adjust watering schedules and balance pump station loads, its use can also lead to less maintenance and longer system life. According to Royce Mason, product manager for Rain Bird’s central control product line, the new software that’s now available for Maxicom2 improves and simplifies the user experience.

“Our new Version 4.1 software offers a number of exciting updates for both new and established users of Maxicom2,” Mason said. “With fresh styling, an intuitive user interface and advanced functionality, this new software makes it even easier for users of Maxicom2 to save time, money and water.”

Maxicom2’s Version 4.1 software features an entirely updated user interface with attractive new icons. Users can now assign background colors for both flow zones and individual stations, allowing for greater readability and easier identification by plant type or any other logical grouping. Up to four manual operation dialog boxes can be opened simultaneously, and the software’s map viewer capabilities now support commonly used JPEG and PDF files. Rain Bird has also improved the station, contact properties, memo and notes functions to help irrigation managers closely monitor the conditions at various stations and times of day—an especially important feature for organizations with more than one person authorized to use the Maxicom2 system.

“While the enhancements offered by our Version 4.1 software make it an even better solution for managing multi-site irrigation, users can rest assured that the valuable features they’ve come to associate with Maxicom2 remain,” Mason added. “Features like Flo-Watch™, Flo-Manager™, Rain Watch, Cycle + Soak™ and Automatic ET Adjustment are just a few of the reasons that Maxicom2 remains at the forefront of multi-site irrigation management. These outstanding features are the result of Rain Bird’s thirty-plus years of leadership in central control technology, and they will continue to help Maxicom2 users achieve top system efficiency for years to come.”

Maxicom2’s new Version 4.1 software will be installed on all new Maxicom2 central computers. Version 4.1 software is also available as an upgrade for current Maxicom2 users. For more information about the new Version 4.1 software available for the Maxicom2 central control system, visit http://www.rainbird.com/landscape/products/central/maxicom.htm or call 1-800-RAINBIRD.