Crush-resistant outdoor transfer hose

A new line of clear, all plastic co-extruded outdoor transfer hose that has a smooth interior and is crush-resistant for a wide range of outdoor power equipment applications is being introduced by Flexaust of Warsaw, IN.

Flexaust Flextube PU Outdoor Transfer Hose features all plastic co-extruded spiral construction with a smooth urethane interior that provides great airflow, puncture- and tear resistance, and has a crush-resistant rigid ABS helix wear strip.  Designed for lawn, leaf, refuse collection and mulch blowing applications, this flexible hose will not separate, is clear for easy inside viewing, and comes in several grades to meet OEM requirements.

Suitable for grass collection machinery, leaf vacuums, and street sweepers,  Flextube Outdoor Transfer Hose are offered in 4” to 8” sizes with plain ends and 10’, 25’ and 50’ lengths; with custom OEM color matching.  In add-ition to urethane, they can be made from PVC for lighter duty applications (Flextube PV), and thermoplastic rubber (TR) in varying thickness, depending upon the desired characteristics for temperature and abrasion-resistance.

Flexaust Flextube™ Outdoor Transfer Hoses are priced according to material, size, and quantity.  Price quotations and samples are available on request.