Research has shown that EPIC Chamber by RESI Solutions can reduce the field surface temperature (by 25-30 degrees) of synthetic turf during hot months.

Cooling down synthetic turf

Research has shown that EPIC Chamber by RESI Solutions can reduce the field surface temperature (by 25-30 degrees) of synthetic turf during hot months and improve overall player comfort (especially important in warm climates). Beyond that the company says there are other uses as well:
• Provide Stormwater Quality/Quantity Management: RESI solutions enable any green space or permeable surface to incorporate sub-surface cleansing and storage of massive stormwater volumes in the soil profile. Effective utilization of the EPIC System™ can provide stormwater management for quality and quantity purposes.
• Reclaim Rainwater for Irrigation Purposes: The EPIC System™ provides an opportunity to store and re-use water to irrigate any living green spaces.
• 50-85% Reduction of Water Consumption for Irrigation: In irrigation applications, EPIC Systems™ use 50-85% less water than traditional spray irrigation systems (University of New Mexico Study). EPIC System™ water delivery occurs through sub- surface, passive capillary action within the sand-based profile.
• Water Management: Living systems of vegetation and microorganisms cleanse and reuse water through physical uptake and biological breakdown of pollutants. Water treatment of our natural components removes over 80% of Total Suspended Solids (TSS), 85% of Total Phosphorous and over 60% of Nitrates (Rice Creek Watershed District research). Netlon ATS mimics an intense root structure that doubles the infiltration rate of soils. All runoff can be controlled and re-used by properly utilizing the EPIC System™.
• Improve Vegetative Durability and Reduce Soil Compaction/Erosion: Netlon Reflex Mesh elements give the turf surface “memory”, allowing it to spring back into shape following heavy or repetitive use. Areas reinforced with Netlon Reflex Mesh are resistant to ripping and can support heavy vehicle traffic without developing ruts.
• Re-Use Greywater and/or Stormwater: EPIC Systems™ deliver water through passive subsurface chambers; this mitigates health concerns associated with greywater or stormwater re-use.
• Decreased Maintenance Costs: The EPIC System™ and Netlon Reflex Mesh elements reduce long-term operating and maintenance expenses. Our solutions also significantly reduce water consumption and decrease the cost of stormwater infrastructure.
• Improve Vegetation Health and Vitality: With sub-surface irrigation, vegetation establishes more rapidly and decreases the water-related stress. Studies that have been conducted with turf grass and EPIC Systems™ indicate there is an increase in the grass blade mass and density by as much has 40% (by weight). Also, EPIC Systems™ allow for subsurface fertilization if needed for specific vegetative needs.
• Contribute to LEED Credits: LEED credits that are attainable include: Sustainable Sites, Water Efficiency, Innovation in Design, Recycled Content and Materials Reuse.
• Proven Return on Investment (ROI): Incorporating the EPIC System™ and Netlon ATS into your project will provide multi-functional green spaces that have a proven ROI. Our solutions provide several benefits and enhance the function and aesthetics of the project.