The microorganisms in Inoculaid convert fertilizer into sugar 10 times faster than the turf and they share the sugar with their host plant.

Inoculaid organic biological stretches other technologies

The presence of adequate organic matter and nutrients plus the proper pH, texture and cation exchange are important ingredients of a healthy soil. The presence of microorganisms, however, are essential to the growing process.

Soil is often depleted of microorganisms by excessive use of chemical fertilizers, pesticides, herbicides, and fungicides.

Food for turfgrass is sugar, not fertilizer. The rate at which turfgrasses convert the ingredients in fertilizer into sugar (the utilization rate) is very low. Thus a high percentage of the nitrogen in fertilizers will volatilize, leach below the root area or become run off before it is converted into sugar. The microorganisms in Inoculaid convert fertilizer into sugar 10 times faster than the turf and they share the sugar with their host plant.

The photosynthetic strains of microorganisms in Inoculaid have the nitrgenase enzyme that combine gaseous nitrogen in the atmosphere with hydrogen tp produce ammonia for the turf. You have a nitrogen factory in the soil working for you 24/7.

Benefit #1. You can reduce your use of fertilizers and still maintain a healthy turf.

Water management: In stress and/or drought conditions, photosynthetic microorganisms will store root vent gas as water in their cell mass and/or combine hydrogen atoms with oxygen atoms, producing water.

Benefit #2. A number of golf courses have reduced their irrigation demands by 30 percent to 50 percent when using Inoculaid.

In the summer of 2008 we visited a golf course with a severe black layer problems on all greens and tee boxes. They were unable to get the grass roots (1 ½ inches) to grow past the black layer. A new version of Inoculaid (VSC) containing hypercellulase symbiont microbes was applied to these areas. After 3 weeks the black layer was disappearing and the grass roots were 4 ½ inches long.

Benefit #3. The VSC version of Inoculaid will handle thatch and black layer problems.

Promoting healthy growth is the best way to prevent a severe disease outbreak. Stressed turf is more susceptible to disease. Even if a disease causing pathogen is present, infection may not occur unless the environmental conditions are conducive to disease development.

Benefit #4. Keeping the turf healthy will allow you to lower your budget for chemicals.

Note: Inoculaid is an all natural, non-toxic product. It is not labeled as a fungicide or as a nemicide. While the anecdotal evidence from use on over 150 golf courses, dozens of sports fields, and hundreds of commercial and residential lawns has been positive the Inoculaid technology does not eliminate the need or usefulness of other biological and/or chemical management technologies. However, Inoculaid servies to make them more effective, thereby reducing the amount of fertilizers, chemicals, and irrigation needed to maintain a healthy turf. These savings make Inoculaid a very cost effective product.

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