Give just one dollar and help to expand the funding for GreenCare for Troops, the signature program of Project Evergreen, which is designed to provide free lawn and landscape services for military families whose major breadwinner is serving overseas. Currently, GreenCare is supporting 7,500 military families and 2,100 volunteers.
Project Evergreen is a national non-profit service organization that educates consumers about the environmental, economic and lifestyle benefits of well-maintained green spaces. STMA supports Project Evergreen by providing resources for its Habitat for Humanity and Field Renovations program, contributing to its ‘Because Green Matters’ annual calendar, and by helping to promote its initiatives.
‘Buck it Up’ for Military Families is a national program that will help to enhance the free lawn and landscape services; create a scholarship program for military family members who are seeking a career in the horticultural industry, and improve the infrastructure to better handle the increasing number of military families who need lawn and landscape care.
STMA members can help in two additional ways:
1. Take collections at sporting events. Email Elizabeth at to get a color copy of the informational flyer about the program, affix it to a container and collect donations at your next sporting event. Once you’ve collected the cash, deposit it in your bank account and write a check payable to Project EverGreen Buck it Up. Send it to 120 Main St W, PO Box 156, New Prague, MN 56071.
2. Volunteer to provide lawn and landscape care to military families in your community. Email Elizabeth at or call her at 877-758-4835 to volunteer.
‘Buck it Up’s’ fundraising drive concludes on May 16, Armed Forces Day. Please help support America’s military families by contributing to this important initiative.

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