Aquaterr has announced the availability of 8-valve transmitters and receivers that enable users to achieve the lowest cost-per-valve of any wireless irrigation system. The new line also creates operational savings by centralizing zone control and reducing the maintenance costs of wires damaged by age, weather or equipment.

The transmitters connect to all brands of AC or DC commercial irrigation controllers and send programmed radio signals to the receivers on a non line-of-sight basis over any terrain, regardless of hills, buildings and trees. Featuring a 5-mile range, the signal is uniquely encoded and redundant to avoid tampering. No radio license is required, and there are no cell phone costs.

The new transmitters and receivers are designed for use wherever power is available at the valve, including potted nurseries, greenhouses or turf applications.


To convert a wired system to wireless mode, users simply connect an Aquaterr receiver to their electric valve, which uses a standard AC solenoid, and then connect the transmitter to the irrigation controller and an antenna. This completes the installation.

“Converting to wireless systems is now more economical, especially in retrofit applications where concrete or other obstacles are in the way,” said Jerry Pisano, Aquaterr’s CEO. “Wireless control can also simplify older irrigation systems that have expanded without proper planning. Considerable cost savings can be realized by eliminating extra controllers and improving maintenance efficiency.”


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