ROCHESTER, NY—The group Rochesterians Against the Misuse of Pesticides -- or RAMP -- is calling on schools to "go green" when it comes to pest control.

NY group calls on schools to go pesticide-free

They’re also renewing their call that synthetic turf poses a health threat.
Audrey Newcomb from RAMP says they surveyed 29 schools, and only six don’t use potentially harmful pesticides on their school grounds.
Meanwhile, RAMP founder Judy Braiman says there’s no such thing as “safe” artificial turf.
Braiman says they tested synthetic turf and found hazardous waste amounts that exceed the limitations set by the state for Brownfields.
She says children are playing on hazardous waste sites, in her opinion.
Braiman and members of RAMP are challenging schools with the new synthetic turf to test their fields for a wide range of chemicals.
And the group says schools should use natural turf, without pesticides.