Chemilizer promotes Eco-Irrigation

LARGO, FL—Chemilizer Products, Inc. and Applied and Experimental Microbiology have partnered to promote “Eco-Irrigation.” The goal of Eco-Irrigation is water conservation through reduced demand, reduction of run-off and the reduction of pesticide and fertilizer chemical use.

Innovations within the irrigation market provide some measure of water conservation; however they do little to address the environmentally harmful aspects of current irrigation practices. Additionally, most biological products, acknowledged as beneficial for plants due to their ability to fix nitrogen, have been impractical due to limited shelf life and the lack of a viable method of delivery.

The development of biological products with extended shelf life along with high efficiency liquid fertilizers and extremely accurate injection equipment have culminated to make the goal of Eco-Irrigation a reality. The combination of these three elements has produced phenomenal results: up to a 60% decrease in water demand; up to a 50% decrease in fertilizer use and over a 50% decrease in pesticide use in many cases. Additionally, it has produced a significant reduction in fertilizer and pesticide run off, as well as a reduction in “greenhouse gas” emissions.

To learn more about Eco-Irrigation, visit our website at, or see us at the WaterSmart Innovations Conference & Expo in Las Vegas, held October 8-10, 2008.