27 undergrads receive 2008 Bayer scholarships

RESEARCH TRIANGLE PARK, NC—Greg Caldwell, an undergraduate student at Virginia Tech University in Blacksburg, Va., was among 27 students who recently received a 2008 Bayer Undergraduate Scholarship. Caldwell received the award to help his pursuit of a bachelor’s degree in crop and soil environmental science.

Kristopher Burkhart, an undergraduate at North Carolina State University in Raleigh, N.C., also received an undergraduate scholarship. Burkhart is pursuing his associate’s of applied sciences degree with majors in turfgrass management and ornamentals and landscape technology.

Caldwell and Burkhart were among the latest group of students who were awarded scholarships to help advance their academic efforts in Green Industry studies. A full list of scholarship recipients and their schools appears below.

The Bayer Undergraduate Scholarship recognizes students pursuing careers in the Green Industry who have demonstrated academic excellence and leadership skills.


Recipient                                                    Institution                                                                                           

Tyler Andersen                                   University of Florida

Natasha Burkholder                            University of Florida

Chase McKeithen                               University of Florida-Milton Campus

Mary Buth                                           Milwaukee Area Technical College

Glen Smart                                         Western Texas College

Jay Weaver                                        Western Texas College

Angelo Magnasco                               California Polytechnic State University

Stephanie Hranek                               California Polytechnic State University

Floyd Tyler Cooper                             Texas Technical University

Mike Paciga                                        University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign

Jeffery Jones                                      Purdue University

Andrew Storey                                    Tarleton State University

Sean Allen                                           Horry-Georgetown Technical College

Joshua Dunaway                                Horry-Georgetown Technical College

Ryan Standifird                                   Kansas State University

Shane Dorsey                                     Kansas State University

Robert Cross                                       Clemson University

Jared Long                                          Oklahoma State University

Nathan Albert Carney                         Abraham Baldwin Agric College

Richard William Irvin                           Abraham Baldwin Agric College

Jorden Thien                                       Southern Illinois University

Jon Savoie                                          Lake City Community College

Kristopher Burkhart                             North Carolina State University

Greg Caldwell                                     Virginia Tech University

William Kreuser                                   University of Wisconsin-Madison

Peter Schmidt                                     University of Nebraska-Lincoln

John Daniels                                       University of Missouri