Wiedenmann’s Super 500

SAVANNAH, GA—The Super 500 is compact, rugged, and multi-talented.  Park grounds, recreational areas, extensively maintained areas, ecological meadows, athletic fields, and golf courses are its “home turf”.  Whether it’s sweeping, verticutting, mowing, or collecting grass and leaves, you will be impressed by the Super 500 from the first cut in Spring until Fall.The Super 500 delivers excellent quality of work.  The parallelogram-guided sweeper head ensures that implements maintain an optimal working position at all times.  This is a great advantage on undulating surfaces.  You can select between the brush type and the multi-purpose sweeper head.  Your choice of sweeper head depends on your requirements.  The Super 500 is optionally available with both sweeper heads should your application require their alternating use.   The multi-purpose sweeper head is equipped as standard with an additional center-mounted roller to prevent scalping on uneven turf.  The multi-purpose sweeper head can be equipped with various implements for a variety of applications.

The implements are manufactured from wear-resistant special grade steel and have an articulated frame.  This ensures excellent work results over the full working width.  For verticutting work, you can choose between cutting blade spacings of ¾”, 1 ½ “, or 2 ¼”.  Implement changing is simple and can be done without tools. 

The most exciting feature of the Super 500 is the high dump capability.  The high dump feature allows the container to be discharged in any desired lifting height.  This provides significant time savings since, where low overhead loading heights are required; the container does not initially have to be lifted to the highest position to empty the container.

Special attention was paid to the use of tires with a large contact area and low ground pressure to protect the turf.  In addition, the Super 500 can be equipped with an optional golf course kit, specially designed for use on heavily undulating terrain.  The golf course kit consists of a front steel roller and two additional lateral anti-scalp rollers, which reliably prevent scalping. 

The Super 500 utilizes a very powerful airflow.  The airflow path ensures complete filling of the container.  The dust laden air stream leaves the container through clearly defined air outlets and is blown downwards directly onto the surface through a special cover flap.  This reduces dust emission into the air, which benefits both the driver and the environment.