No synthetic moratorium in NY State

ALBANY, NY—Recent headlines concerning the potential health hazards of artificial turf can be put to rest.

Bill number A9503-A which called for a ban on artificial turf playing surfaces that was initially proposed in October 2007, has been defeated in the Assembly Health Committee.

This represents a major victory for the artificial turf industry. Of the members who spoke at the hearing, most said they felt a moratorium was unnecessary. One of the bill’s co-sponsors agreed.

Mention was also made that there are hundreds of studies on artificial turf, the vast majority of which support its safety and use.

Some legislators said that the artificial fields have been of huge benefit to women’s sports due to the longer season of playability and increased availability of the fields.

A number of other legislators recounted their own personal experiences with the increased safety of the turf fields and how there have been decreased injuries reported from those schools in their districts.

It is rare for a bill sponsored by a majority member not to be reported. However, several Democrats broke rank and joined their Republican colleagues to vote down the bill.