Aercore 1500 aerator

The John Deere AercoreÔ 1500 Aerator is tractor-mounted to deliver high productivity without sacrificing hole quality, durability or ease of service.  With a heavy-duty frame, tine rams and adjustable hole spacing, this durable aerator increases productivity while providing flexibility needed on the job.  The 1500 can pull as many as 30 cores per square foot, depending on the ground speed of the tractor, and is compatible with the John Deere TWENTY Series compact utility tractors.


l  57.5-inch coring swath

l  Up to 4-inch coring depth

l  Flexi-link supporting arm keeps tines perpendicular to the ground longer for high-quality holes

l  Fiberglass reinforced belts for quiet operation, simple maintenance

l  Produces up to 900,000 holes per hour