Precision makes alliance with Agrium Advanced Technologies

Waukegan, IL, March 7, 2008—Precision Laboratories, Inc., a leading provider of specialized chemistries for green industries, and Agrium Advanced Technologies, the leading manufacturer and marketer of controlled release fertilizers, today announced a product alliance to manufacture and market 0-0-20 Turf Fertilizer with 10.6% Cascade™ Plus throughout Canada. The Canadian Food Inspection Agency granted registration of the product after validating safety, efficacy and product label claims regarding the proven water infiltration chemistry of Cascade Plus when combined with a unique fertilizer blend.

Agrium and Precision will combine their competitive advantages to deliver a product that meets the demands of their customers in Canada. “This is a great opportunity for Precision to broaden its portfolio of best-of-class products while partnering with Agrium, whose brand name is very reputable and trusted in Canada,” says Rick Wohlner, president of Precision. “Our combined effort is designed to more effectively market our products to meet the ever changing demands of the turfgrass manager.”

By combining resources, knowledge and technology, Precision and Agrium are well-positioned to compete in this new market opportunity. Agrium will produce, distribute and sell 0-0-20 Turf Fertilizer with 10.6% Cascade™ Plus Cascade 0-0-20 through Precision’s existing network of turf distributors. “Our distributor relationships mesh well with Agrium’s turf channel partners for both marketing and logistical reasons. This product alliance has benefits for all parties,” says Don Spier, vice president of turf and ornamentals at Precision.

For more information about 0-0-20 Turf Fertilizer with 10.6% Cascade™ Plus, or to read firsthand accounts from other golf course superintendents, visit, or contact Don Spier, 847-596-3001 x234 or speak with your local Agrium Advanced Technologies representative.