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In the dynamic landscaping industry, where time and resources are limited, Kress Commercial introduces a revolutionary approach to savings and productivity with its innovative 8-minute CyberSystem and cutting-edge outdoor power equipment. This marks a new era in landscape management, offering unparalleled benefits that redefine operational efficiency and cost-effectiveness for your business.

Maximize your savings

Imagine saving up to $2,000 per year per crew1 – that’s the average benefit realized by landscape companies leveraging Kress Commercial’s innovative 8-minute CyberSystem, the industry’s fastest recharge time, and cutting-edge outdoor power equipment. These significant savings stem from game-changing features:

  • Kress’ CyberTank is portable fuel: With Kress Commercial, downtime becomes a thing of the past. With mobile charging solutions, Kress Commercial CyberPack batteries charge faster than they can be used – in only eight minutes. And with no need for gas to operate their equipment, operators can say goodbye to idling at the gas pump and hello to uninterrupted productivity.
  • Reduced operating costs when switching from gas: The Kress Commercial CyberTank, warrantied for up to six years or 2,000 recharge cycles, fuels your equipment from your truck or trailer. With no need for gas for operation – or its variable cost – operators lock in and start saving on fuel costs on day one. Powered by the 8-minute CyberSystem, Kress Commercial equipment is a true alternative to gas-powered equipment2.
  • Minimal maintenance: Forget about constant upkeep. Kress products are engineered for ease, efficiency and durability, ensuring you spend less time on maintenance and more time on the job.
  • Reduced noise during operation: Embrace the power of Kress’ 60V Commercial equipment, delivering the same – or greater – performance of gas-powered tools2 with significant decrease in noise. Ideal for operations in noise-restricted areas.

The benefits – and savings – start day one. With attractive leasing options and no upfront out-of-pocket expenses, Kress Commercial makes it easier than ever to adopt new, innovative technology.

Longer lifespans and unmatched warranty extend savings

Quality and durability are at the heart of Kress Commercial products, meaning you get more bang for your buck when you switch. Kress Commercial CyberPack batteries boast extreme longevity with a guaranteed lifespan of 3,000 life cycles3– backed by an industry-leading six-year or 3,000 life cycle warranty4 Additionally, the Kress CyberTank is covered for up to six years or 2,000 life cycles and Kress Commercial equipment is covered for up to three years5. With Kress’ unmatched warranty, your initial investment goes further. Reliability and longevity aren’t just promised—they’re guaranteed.

Make the switch to Kress today

Kress isn’t just a product—it’s a revolution in landscaping technology. Kress’ commitment to innovation, quality and durability is bolstered by its desire to ensure that every landscaper can maximize their efficiency and profitability. Kress is the only choice to replace gas for commercial landscapers. Join the league of forward-thinking landscapers who embrace the future of the industry. Visit kress.com to explore how Kress can elevate your business to new heights of success. Interested in trying it out for yourself? Register for a no-commitment, 10-day trial with your local dealer. Visit kress.com/en-us/store-locator to find a nearby dealer.

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1Typical savings for a full-time landscaping crew of 3 users operating handheld power tools for 180 days per year.
2Continuous power deliverable up to full battery discharge is 3.2kW, peak power for 10 seconds equivalent to 6.5kW.
3The 3,000-cycle lifespan is based on tests conducted under high-capacity C discharge rates, indicative of very high output power that reflects real-world commercial landscaping applications.
4The Kress 3,000-cycle warranty is applicable when the battery’s residual capacity falls below 70% of its nominal capacity.
5Push mowers are backed by a two-year warranty.