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Embrace the future: The benefits of battery-powered landscaping over gas

In the ever-evolving world of commercial landscaping, the choice between gas and battery-powered equipment has never been more critical. As we strive for greater efficiency, sustainability and environmental responsibility, it’s essential to consider the impact our tools have on the earth and our communities. At Kress Commercial, whose products are California CORE eligible and American Green Zone Alliance certified, we’re proud to champion the transition to battery-powered landscaping equipment, offering a host of benefits that go beyond mere convenience.

Unleash the power of cleaner energy with battery-powered equipment

When it comes to environmental impact, the statistics speak for themselves. According to the California Air Resources Board, running a gas leaf blower for just one hour releases as much pollution into the air as driving a car a staggering 1,100 miles1. With Kress Commercial, these harmful emissions become a thing of the past. By eliminating exhaust, Kress Commercial equipment delivers cleaner power than their gas-powered counterparts.

The benefits don’t stop there. Kress Commercial CyberPack batteries boast extreme longevity with a guaranteed lifespan of 3,000 life cycles2 – backed by Kress Commercial’s industry-leading warranty3. This means that professionals need to replace their batteries less frequently than other battery-powered equipment, significantly reducing their environmental footprint. And with Kress’ national partnership with Call2Recycle, the largest and most reliable battery recycler in the country, batteries can be responsibly recycled at the end of their life.

Quietly transforming communities

Beyond environmental considerations, Kress Commercial battery-powered equipment also brings tangible benefits to local communities. Wafting zero emissions4 into the environment, Kress products mitigate the fumes and odors that accompany traditional gas-powered tools while maintaining the same – or greater – levels of power5.

Additionally, Kress equipment operates quieter than its gas counterparts. With Kress, operators and their clients can enjoy their natural environment without the disturbance of loud lawn care equipment. Even the Kress Commercial backpack blower, one of the loudest pieces of equipment, has a maximum decibel level at full power of 62.5dB6, roughly the same as an air conditioner, compared with gas powered blowers that range from 75-100dB7, or roughly the volume of a blender or garbage disposal.

Make the switch to Kress today

Experience the difference that Kress Commercial battery-powered landscaping equipment can make for you and your crew. Visit to explore our full range of products and discover why operators everywhere are choosing Kress. Interested in seeing how Kress can benefit your business? Register with your local dealer for a free 10-day trial. Locate your nearest dealer at

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1According to California Air Resources Board:
2The 3,000-cycle lifespan is based on tests conducted under high-capacity C discharge rates, indicative of high output power that reflects real-world commercial landscaping applications.
3The Kress 3,000-cycle warranty is applicable when the battery’s residual capacity falls below 70% of its nominal capacity.
4Kress Commercial equipment is California CORE eligible and American Green Zone Alliance tested and approved.
5Continuous power deliverable up to full battery discharge is 3.2kW, peak power for 10 seconds equivalent to 6.5kW.
6LpA at 15m. More details at
7According to a 2019 report by Quiet Clean PDX, citing Consumer Reports: