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Empowering SFMA’s Future: The Vital Role of Committees

Committees play a pivotal role in shaping the trajectory of the Sports Field Managers Association (SFMA). Every February, members are invited to volunteer for various committees. Under the guidance of President Sun Roesslein, CSFM, committee chairs, vice chairs and volunteers have been appointed, marking the commencement of committee activities in May.

Each committee is tasked with a specific objective for the year. While some, like the Nominating Committee, maintain a consistent focus, others adapt to address the SFMA’s evolving strategic priorities. This structure ensures that committees remain aligned with the organization’s goals and responsive to changing needs.

Through active participation in committee work, members actively contribute to decision-making processes and help shape the future direction of the association. By leveraging their expertise and diverse perspectives, they play a crucial role in driving innovation, fostering collaboration, and advancing the collective interests of the SFMA and its members.


Field of the Year: Judges the association’s awards program applicants selecting the Field of the Year winners; develop strategies to enhance the awards program.
Chair: Jason DeMink, CSFM
Vice chair: Dan Farnes
Members: Manny Diaz; Grant Davisson; Jeremy Driscoll, CSFM; Jackie Kaluba; Glenn Lucas; Adam Russell; Chrissie Segars, Ph.D.; Derek York, CSFM; Douglas Wildt, CSFM

Innovative: Judges the Innovative Awards program; ensures a fair judging process; enhances the program, as necessary.
Chair: Jason Craft, CSFM
Vice chair: Lee VanMeeteren
Members: Andrew Beggs, CSFM; Noel Brusius, CSFM; Leanne Nadwidny; Morgan Sullivan; Chris Webb, CSFM

Scholarship: Judges the association’s SAFE scholarship program applicants; develops strategies to enhance the scholarship program and recommends them to the SAFE Board of Trustees.
Chair: Chrissie Segars, Ph.D.
Vice chair: Kyle Patterson
Members: Baoxin Chang; Devon Carroll; Joe Breedon, CSFM; Devon Carroll; Gary Dickinson; Jesse Driver, CSFM; Martin Kaufman, CSFM; Willie Lawrence, Jr.; Danny Losito, CSFM; Kyle Patterson; Billy Pipp, CSFM; Grant Spear, CSFM; Alexander Steinman


Conference Education: Determines the content, topics, presentation formats, speakers and moderators for the conference; recommends ways to leverage conference education.
Chair: Chase Straw, Ph.D.
Members: Shawn Beaumont; Ryan Bjorn; Jason Bowers, CSFM; Leah Brilman, Ph.D.; Darin Budak, CSFM; Josh Carter; Jason Campbell; Tyler Carr, Ph.D.; Weston Floyd, CSFM; Gerald Henry, Ph.D.; Craig Honkomp; Morgan Hunter; Bryan Hopkins, Ph.D., CPSS; Brad Jakubowski; Ben Polimer; Bradley Park; Nick McKenna, CSFM; Jamie Mehringer; Drew Miller, Ed.D.; Clint Steele, CSFM; John Sorochan, Ph.D.; Alan Wilson, CSFM; Keith Winter

Conference SAFE events: Organizes aspects of the SAFE Foundation fundraising events including bowling, golf and corn hole; suggests additional fundraising opportunities tied to conference.
Chair: Chris Ball, CSFM
Vice chair: Josh DeJong, CSFM
Members: Chris Hathaway; Jason Goehring; Matt Tobin

Student Challenge: Develops the annual student challenge exam questions, answer key and protocols; assists in proctoring the exam as needed. (Non-academic members only)
Chair: Sarah Martin, CSFM
Vice chair: Matt Anderson, CSFM
Members: Scott Bills, CSFM; Samuel Doak; Alex Harter; Cole Lamkin; Marc Moran, CSFM; David Pinsonneault, CSFM; James Rogers; Chrissie Segars, Ph.D.; Andrew Wright

Tours: Organizes the appropriate off-site tours, including venues, presenters and formats.
Chair: Bryan Hopkins, Ph.D.
Vice chair: Weston Floyd, CSFM
Members: Mark Bajno, CSFM; Matthew Grewe; Glenn Lucas; Andrew Marking, CSFM; Jamie Mehringer; Austin Paradis; Easton Williams


Commercial Advisory Council: Provides a forum to exchange ideas on how SFMA can better serve and engage its commercial members and how this segment can help to advance the association.
Chair: Erin Wilder
Vice chair: Warren Gorowitz
Members: Keri Baldwin; Chris Bell; Ken Brechtel; Greg Brodd; Joshua DeJong, CSFM; Amy Fouty, CSFM; Chris Franks; Joshua Koss, CSFM; Glenn Lucas; Stephen Lord, CSFM; Pete Macgregor; Adam Russell; Jeff Salmond, CSFM; Paula Sliefert

Editorial/Magazine: Ensures that Sports Field Management magazine contains information relevant to the sports field manager; to provide ideas and contacts for articles for publication; to provide aesthetic and other recommendations on functionality and readability.
Chair: Brad Thedens, CSFM
Vice chair: TJ Brewer, CSFM
Members: Matthew Arms, CSFM; Joe Churchill; Cliff Driver, CSFM; Kate Garassino; Rebecca Knapp, CSFM; Tony Koski

Finance & Audit: Provides oversight of SFMA’s financial resources by reporting information to the board of directors. The Finance & Audit Committee shall be responsible for reviewing and recommending to the board of directors for approval: 1) annual budget; 2) financial policies; 3) investment policies and guidelines; 4) the annual audit or review.
Chair: Alpha Jones, CSFM
Members: Joseph Kovolyan, CSFM; Josh McPherson, CSFM; David Pinsonneault, CSFM; Jimmy Simpson, CSFM; Tim Van Loo, CSFM

Historical: Acquires, documents, and displays the history of the association (Both STMA and SFMA) and the sports field management profession.
Chair: John Mascaro
Members: Mark Clay; Ryan Ferguson, CSFM; Stephen Guise; Michael Hebrard; Richard Moffitt

Subject Matter Experts (formerly Technical Standards): A membership network willing to answer technical questions; to help answer interview questions at times; to review resources on the SFMA website for accuracy; periodically called on to review magazine articles; to work with the American Society for Testing & Materials on sports facility standards and recommendations as needed.
Chair: Pam Sherratt
Vice chair: Josh McPherson, CSFM
Members: Don Scholl, CSFM; Marc Moran, CSFM; Nick Paserchia, CSFM; John Schedler; Ryan Storey, CSFM; Peter Thibeault, CSFM


Membership Enhancement (formerly just called Membership): Develops initiatives to drive association membership growth and retention; recommends programs that add value for each member.
Chair: Jeremy Driscoll, CSFM
Vice chair: Brad Finn, CSFM
Members: Wade Daley; Kyle Foreman; Matthew Grewe; Alex Harter; Matthew Kerns; Alex Miller; Daniel Peer; Lucas Van Ee

Member Resources (formerly Information Outreach/Learning Initiatives): Develops educational and informational opportunities for members targeted to specific needs to enhance their personal and professional development.
Chair: Alpha Jones, CSFM
Vice chair: Michael Goatley, Ph.D.
Members: Mark Elingburg; Amanda Folck; Jody Gill, CSFM; Cliff Driver, CSFM; Steve Hough; John Clintsman; Barry Stewart, Ph.D.

Member Advocacy: Develops strategies to advocate for the profession of sports field management and the knowledge and expertise of SFMA members to the general public and other athletic facility stakeholders.
Chair: Zach Holm, CSFM
Vice chair: Tyler Morris, CSFM
Members: Weston Appelfeller, CSFM; Brian Bornino, CSFM; Eric Harshman, CSFM; Dax Lee; Andy Ommen, CSFM; Nick Paserchia, CSFM; Enrico Perruzzi, CSFM; Dan Sandor, Ph.D.; Troy Smith, CSFM; Leah Withrow

Certification: Develops strategies to grow the number of certified members; consistently monitors the program and recommends enhancements to ensure that the program is the top achievement for sports field managers.
Chair: Casey Carrick, CSFM
Vice chair: Cliff Driver, CSFM
Members: Matthew Arms, CSFM; Jeremy Driscoll, CSFM; John Frankenfeld, CSFM; Enrico Perruzzi, CSFM

Chapter Relations: Develops a chapter support structure that is beneficial locally and nationally; facilitates the sharing of best practices; supports the growth of the chapter network in states that do not have a chapter.
Chair: Jason Bowers, CSFM
Vice chair: Jason Allen, CSFM
Members: Jason Allen, CSFM; Tommy Hewitt; Tara Jordan; Alex Miller; Robbie Miller; Mason McMurphy; Mitchell Hooten; Mike Selman; Craig Sampsell, CSFM; Bruce Suddeth, CSFM

International: Positions SFMA as a global leader in sports facility management and the go-to resource for those who work internationally in the industry; grow the international membership segment; support international efforts recognizing sports field management profession.
Chair: Simon Gumbrill
Vice chair: Jada Powlen
Members: Andre Amaral; Jose Maria Aldrete Gonzalez; Joe Breedon; James Edgar; Ewen Hodge; Abby McNeal, CSFM; Don Scholl, CSFM; Jeff Sheehan, CSFM; Peter White; Geoff Webb

Environmental: Develops environmental strategies that position SFMA and its members as leaders in environmental stewardship; oversees the Environmental Certification program.
Chair: Zach Holm, CSFM
Vice chair: Vickie Wallace
Members: Richard Calarco, CSFM; Kyley Dickson, Ph.D.; Warren Gorowitz; Susan Haddock; Bryan Hopkins, Ph.D., CPSS; Steve Hough; Jason Kruse; Maritza Martinez; Mason McMurphy; Kevin Mercer, CSFM; Zak Peterson, CSFM; Ben Polimer; David Shurmur; John Turnour, CSFM; Ben Young