Memphis University to renovate football stadium

Memphis Athletics announced plans and timelines for the renovation of Simmons Bank Liberty Stadium. Work is set to begin in May with completion anticipated prior to the start of the 2026 football season.

“The elements of this renovation represent a game-changing opportunity for our fans, our football program and our athletic department,” University of Memphis Vice President and Director of Intercollegiate Athletics Laird Veatch said. “The experience over the next two seasons is going to be different, and there may be some growing pains for a short period of time, but this renovation truly represents transformational growth. We are incredibly grateful to our leadership donors for their tremendous early response to matching the Fred Smith Family challenge pledge, which has already led to over $16 million in gift commitments including nine in the 7-figures.

“There has never been a better time to invest in Memphis Athletics, and we are confident the response will continue as people see how this renovation will set up all of Memphis for future success. From on-field winning, to facility improvements, to academic success, to community engagement, there is no doubt we are better positioned than perhaps we have ever been.”

Read the full report and timeline on the Memphis Athletics website.