Turfco announces Torrent 2 debris blower

Turfco announced the next generation of its powerful and efficient Torrent 2 debris blower. Now with user-friendly icons added to the Magnapoint Technology, clearing debris is even easier. This upgrade also introduces remote start and stop to provide greater control during use. 

With increased play on golf courses, time is of the essence. Superintendents need their staff to be as productive as possible. The Torrent 2 removes the guesswork, accelerates tasks, and can save operators hours each day. “When we researched it, we found that having the wrong blower angle can reduce productivity by 30 to 50%.  That is why we introduced the Magnapoint Technology which allows operators to quickly select and repeat their preferred angles,” said Scott Kinkead, executive vice president. “Now we have taken it to the next level of productivity by adding easy-to-read icons that indicate the optimal angles for many different types of debris. It’s an incredibly simple way to be more efficient.”

Different blower angles are needed for each of the common types of debris– grass clippings, dry leaves, wet leaves, aeration cores, as well as clearing cart paths. The Torrent 2 with Magnapoint Technology now features easy-to-select icons for each of these various settings, as well as the ability to quickly adjust to other desired angles. For the first time ever, you can tell the operator to set the blower for grass clippings or wet leaves and have confidence they will be working at maximum productivity. This means they will get the job done faster, save on time, use less fuel and move on to the next task quicker. The Magnapoint technology’s new icons also remove language barriers and gets seasonal and less skilled operators quickly working efficiently.  

Using the patented, hand-held controller multiplies operator productivity with a new remote “Start/Stop” feature in addition to a patented “Idle/Resume” button.   The new Start/Stop feature can be utilized to quickly shut down and restart the engine to allow golfers to play through without distraction.  The unique Idle/Resume button allows an operator to quickly drop to idle during transport and resume to full power on-demand.   The combination of these features minimizes noise and reduces fuel consumption while allowing the operator to continue working without requiring time-consuming manual adjustment to the blower.  If the wireless control is ever lost or misplaced, an optional auxiliary controller is available that ensures you’re always operational; simply flip a switch to control machine speed and direction and keep on going.