Greenzie adds Bobcat, shares awards news

While sharing its new collaboration with Bobcat on an autonomous mower, Greenzie announced that 2023 was the tech company’s best mowing season yet. And it hinted at additional autonomous mowers coming online this year.

Greenzie, a software company that develops autonomous mowers and equipment, said its customers set records on autonomous mowing hours, mowing more acres than all of their first four mowing seasons combined. The company provides autonomous functionality on commercial lawn mowers, incorporating field-tested, self-driving software with robotic sensor hardware.

The autonomous Greenzie technology is in the field on the Wright Autonomous Stander ZK, the first Greenzie equipped mower based on the iconic Wright Stander ZK. Additionally, Greenzie powered versions and upfits on commercial zero turn mowers from Bobcat, Scag, and Mean Green Mowers will be available and in production by 2024.

Unveiled at the CES 2024 event in Las Vegas in January, Bobcat displayed the Greenzie autonomous software-equipped Bobcat ZT6200 at the Doosan Bobcat booth.

Greenzie Awards

Late last year, Greenzie presented its first-ever “Best of Greenzie Awards” to autonomous mowing users across the U.S. Awards included:

  • Best month of autonomous mowing:  105.9 autonomous hours by a BrightView crew in Gilbert, Arizona
  • Most autonomous mowing hours in one day – 8.5 hours by a BrightView crew in Washington, D.C.
  • Most autonomous acres mowed in month: 256.5 autonomous acres by a BrightView crew in Hamilton, N.J.
  • Most autonomous acres per hour: 3.1 autonomous acres/hour by a University of Wisconsin-Madison crew in Madison, Wis.

“We were thrilled to celebrate some of our current autonomous record holders and look forward to all of these records being broken this mowing season,” said Charles Brian Quinn, Greenzie co-founder and CEO. “Throughout each mowing season our software gets better and learns from feedback from users out in the field every day.”