Ecore named exclusive distributor of OSSTsport

Ecore is now the exclusive distributor of Optimum Sport Surface Technology (OSSTsport) products in the United States. OSSTsport specializes in manufacturing running tracks, game courts and weight room surfaces.

“OSSTsport Performance Surfaces redefine the athletic experience, empowering athletes to reach new heights,” stated Julie Chen, sales manager of OSSTsport. “Our collaboration with Ecore signifies a strategic move to broaden our product reach, leveraging Ecore’s robust presence in the U.S. market. With Ecore’s extensive support, spanning from dedicated outside sales assistance to impactful marketing initiatives, we anticipate substantial growth and an enhanced presence for our line.”

“This strategic move reflects the tremendous synergy between Ecore and King Arthur, ensuring the delivery of the highest quality athletic surfacing for both indoor and outdoor tracks, fields and sports courts,” said Art Dodge, president and CEO of Ecore. “This expansion of our portfolio not only enhances our offerings but also reinforces our commitment to delivering top-tier products and unparalleled consultative service to our customers.”

The following products are available through Encore:

OSSTrax-Elite and OssTrax

OSSTrax-Elite & OSSTrax for indoor and outdoor sports and recreation tracks offer durability and spike resistance to ensure these athletic tracks remain in top condition. Featuring a waffle base layer for shock absorption, energy restitution, slip resistance and dimensional strength, OSSTrax-Elite & OSSTrax provide responsiveness and performance.

OSSTsport TruCourt and TeamPlay-M

TruCourt and TeamPlay-M are multi-sport court surfaces suitable for indoor spaces while TruCourt is also ideal for outdoor use. From basketball and tennis courts to pickleball and indoor gyms, these surfaces are designed with advanced technologies to ensure durability, responsiveness and performance. Both TruCourt and TeamPlay-M prioritize safety and comfort with features like shock absorption, energy restitution and slip resistance. They feature thick, vulcanized rubber for exceptional durability and abrasion resistance.

OSSTsport ComPact collection

The ComPact Collection offers three distinct aesthetics – the embossed rock-textured pattern of ComPact-Stone, the premium sealskin speckled appearance of ComPact-Fleck and the embossed marble-textured pattern of ComPact-Marble. These durable, sound absorbing and comfortable surfaces are ideal for a variety of fitness environments, including weight rooms, gyms and even ski and skate areas. All ComPact Collection surfaces are comprised of textured vulcanized rubber, non-porous for easy maintenance, offer high impact resistance and free from PVC and heavy metals.