Turf-Tec MICDT

New infill and cleat depth tester from Turf-Tec

From Turf-Tec International, the new Mascaro Infill and Cleat Depth Tester is designed as a testing instrument that will measure infill depth on synthetic turf, as well as cleat depth penetration on synthetic turf and natural grass or any other surface where cleats are being worn by athletes.

Turf-Tec MICDT

Measuring infill on synthetic turf is an important process to prolong the life and playability of the turf. It also ensures the playability of the surface reaches the optimum performance specifications.

Measuring cleat depth will determine how the athletes may perform on the area by measuring how the (athletes) cleats will penetrate the surface of the area being tested.

The unit uses Bluetooth technology and, by utilizing the free version of the SpecConnect App, you can record the readings in the app as you test. By subscribing to the paid version of SpecConnect, you can also GPS map the area you are testing.

For testing infill depth on synthetic turf, simply install the infill depth foot, place the unit on the area to be tested, press down on the handle and the unit will display and record the infill depth in 100th of an inch increments.

For testing cleat depth, install the cleat depth foot, raise the center shaft up until it hits the stop, and drop the shaft. The unit will display and record the cleat depth reading in 100th of an inch increments.

For more information, visit www.turf-tec.com or https://store.turf-tec.com/products/micdt-m.html or call 800-258-7477.