GKB LR150 Leaf Reducer offered by STEC

The GKB LR150 Leaf Reducer is the newest tool in STEC’s equipment lineup. The Leaf Reducer converts leaf waste into a soil improver.

The Leaf Reducer’s blades collect the leaves, and a vacuum effect pulls them through the machine. The leaves are pulverized into a fraction of the original size. This process breaks down the leaves so that they are more easily absorbed into the soil. The method can be used in urban areas, parks, lawns and recreational spaces. The biggest advantages are; compost left behind to improve your soils, eliminates the need to dispose of leaves off site, not need to blow and then collect, and less wear and tear on mowers.

The working height is adjustable, so that it can be used in a variety of grass heights. The outflow is determined with the hydraulically driven disc unit behind the machine. The outflow can be regulated from the tractor seat and allows you to discharge the mulch to the left, right or center.