Forthcoming: herbicide-resistant paspalum

Atlas Turf’s partner Pure-Seed Testing is on the verge of introducing a new turfgrass: a strain of paspalum that is resistant to a specific line of non-selective herbicides. The new strain – which has not yet been named – will make the renovation of existing swards much easier, as it will allow interseeding into the present grass, which can then be taken out with a herbicide.  

“This will make the renovation of golf courses and sports fields much more cost-effective, because it can be interseeded into bermuda – and even older paspalum – before spraying the old turfgrass out,” said Atlas Turf president John Holmes. 

Crystal Rose-Fricker, president of Pure-Seed Testing, said, “I feel like this new strain is going to be a real game changer, because it will allow users to go from bermuda to paspalum quite easily – this is very difficult with older strains. It will also help with keeping paspalum stands pure, and will open up new markets for the grass, notably those that are not near the ocean. We will be able to control the bermuda much more easily.” 

The new strain is likely to be available – in limited quantities – in the middle of 2024.