Target Technologies introduces new infill

Target Technologies International Inc. (TTII) has been named the exclusive distributor of Nature’s Infill, an American-grown, sustainable, high-performance infill made from organic corn material.

The product was created with safety in mind. As many parts of the world are experiencing prolonged periods of extreme heat, the corn-based infill can reduce the surface temperature of the turf by up to 29°F through slow water evaporation. Additionally, its shape and composition provide shock absorption and cushioning, and the infill is free from harmful chemicals and toxins making it an ideal choice for athletic fields, playgrounds, dog parks and more.

While safety is paramount, testing reflects the emphasis on performance of Nature’s Infill. This low-maintenance infill tested highly successful in HIC, AAA and GMax performance testing along with silica sand and pad, while friability roller testing demonstrated durability and longevity.

Nature’s Infill ships in 40 lb. bags or 2,000 lb. bulk bags to support the variety of turf needs and distributed globally by TTII.