What factors are related to the lifespan of artificial turf?

With the development of the economy and changes in public demand, the continuous innovation of artificial turf production technology and the range of product categories, artificial turf is used for a range of sports field applications. But over time, the lifespan of the turf will be shortened by long-term sun, rain and intense exercise. Mighty Grass Co. Ltd., shared the following factors related to the lifespan of artificial turf:

Frequency and intensity of use

Although artificial turf has excellent durability, it cannot continue to withstand high-intensity exercise without limit. After high-intensity exercise, the artificial grass field should have a certain rest time. Due to the limitation of the uprightness and resilience of artificial yarns, if under heavy load for a long time, the yarn will be damaged, which will eventually affect the overall lifespan of the site.

Maintenance of artificial grass

After the grass installed, regular maintenance should be carried out, and all kinds of residues on the turf should be cleaned up in time. Sports that require sharp equipment such as javelins and spikes should not be performed. Regularly check whether the filling in the turf is lost and whether the joints are open, and repair in time if any problems are found.

Foundation construction

The foundation of the site is not only one of the most important part the installation of artificial grass, but also the carrier of the entire sports field. Its quality directly affects the performance and lifespan of the entire artificial grass sports field. Always choose a professional construction team to carry out the site foundation and artificial turf installation. Infilling materials should meet national standards.

The quality of artificial turf

The lifespan of artificial turf is closely related to the raw materials. In order to prolong the lifespan of the turf, high-qualified artificial grass should be used, its manufacturers should have technical strength, inspection reports or certificates issued by national-recognized institutions, and relevant tests of the specifications of the turf, such as wear resistance, anti-aging performance, etc.