ABI rebrand

ABI Attachments unveils rebrand

To commemorate more than 25 years of business, ABI Attachments is getting a new look. ABI will be showcasing its new brand identity on its website, and the new logo will appear on more than 50 products.

“ABI is about innovation, not imitation,” said CEO Jim Catalano during the rebrand announcement. “We make tough, lasting tools that you can rely on to get your outdoor work done faster and better than ever before, and our new branding reflects that.”

ABI was founded in 1997 by Kevin Keigley and Scott Holmes; the business started with the TR3 lawn prep tool. Over the last few decades, this one multi-tool has expanded into skid-steer attachments, arena drags, water trailers, manure spreaders, gravel graders and a host of other useful attachments.

In the past two years, ABI attachments has released brand new compact water trailers, jumped into the English riding equestrian market with the SportPro arena drags, and expanded its skid-steer line to better fit the needs of commercial contractors. As of June 2023, ABI also launched Force By ABI, a premiere groundwork brand of products that makes zero-turn machines for baseball field maintenance, landscaping, golf course installation and maintenance, and other sports turf installs.

“From day one, ABI has been about making better ways,” said the inventor of the TR3 and Co-owner of ABI, Kevin Keigley. “Better ways for the tools to work in the dirt, better ways for our customers to get their projects done, and better ways for us as a business to operate.”