Barenbrug joins A-LIST

The Alliance for Low Input Sustainable Turf (A-LIST) announced that Barenbrug has joined the A-LIST as a new member. Barenbrug brings a wide range of high-quality genetics that are adapted to low-input situations that will
help further sustainability for the industry. Barenbrug has more than a century of experience in developing and delivering innovative turf solutions that meet the needs of turf professionals and consumers. Barenbrug is committed to creating a better environment by developing and delivering environmentally friendly products.

The A-LIST is excited to have Barenbrug as a member, which will help further the mission of promoting low input and sustainable grass varieties. The A-LIST conducts independent trials across the US and Canada to identify and certify the best performing varieties under reduced inputs. The A-LIST also educates the public and the industry about the benefits of low input turfgrass for water conservation, reduced chemical use and lower maintenance costs.

“Barenbrug consistently produces high-quality grass varieties that are adapted to low-input situations,” said A-LIST Executive Director Kyley Dickson. “To add a company with its dedication to sustainability shows they are a company that we want in the A-LIST. Barenbrug’s expertise and innovation will be a valuable asset to the A-LIST and its members.”

A-LIST members in addition to Barenbrug include four other leading companies in the turfgrass industry: DLF, Mountain View Seeds, Landmark Seeds and Lebanon Seaboard. These members provide the most advanced and sustainable turfgrass varieties on the market today.