ABI Attachments rebrands to Force by ABI

ABI Attachments, a manufacturer of arena drags, water trailers, ballfield groomers and groundwork equipment, announced the launch of its new brand, Force by ABI. As a separate entity from ABI Attachments, Force will focus on engineering high-quality equipment for professionals in ballfield grooming, landscaping, laser grading, and sports turf installation.

Force by ABI will consolidate and enhance the company’s ability to deliver innovative solutions for sports turf maintenance, ballfield grooming, and landscaping projects. With its own dedicated website, logo, and informational resources, the Force brand is poised to create a distinct identity and reinforce its position as a trusted industry leader.

“Baseball and softball field experts know our Force Z-23 as the machine that revolutionized infield grooming,” said Scott Holmes Co-founder of ABI Attachments. “With Force by ABI as an independent brand, specializing in cutting-edge equipment and machines for ballfield grooming, landscaping, and sports turf installation the revolution has just begun.”

The Force brand will continue ABI’s unwavering dedication to producing equipment of the highest quality. Professionals in the sports turf and landscaping sectors can rely on Force to deliver robust, reliable, and industry leading solutions that enhance performance, efficiency, and productivity in their respective groundwork industries. By focusing exclusively on these sectors, Force aims to deliver tailored equipment solutions that meet the unique demands of ground preparation, maintenance, and care.

“Force represents our commitment to innovation, excellence, and our passion for serving professionals in these industries,” said Jim Catalano, CEO of ABI Attachments and the new Force brand. “With Force by ABI, we can sharpen our focus, deliver enhanced solutions, and build even stronger relationships with groundskeepers, contractors, and anyone else doing serious groundwork.”

The Force brand rollout includes a new logo and visual identity as well as a dedicated website located at www.ForcebyABI.com. This website will serve as a comprehensive platform for customers to explore the range of Force products available, as well as featured content such as the pilot season of Force’s podcast Ground Etc.

Existing infield managers and landscapers who use an ABI Force Z-23 or towable infield groomer can rest assured that the transition to the Force brand will not impact their ongoing support and service. The dedicated Force team will continue to provide the same exceptional level of expertise, customer care, and after-sales support that customers have come to expect from ABI Attachments.

Force by ABI is excited to embark on this new chapter and looks forward to collaborating with sports turf professionals, ballfield groomers, and landscaping experts to drive innovation, efficiency and success in their respective fields.