New Mexico United to shift field layout

In order to accommodate both baseball and soccer at RGCU Field in Albuquerque, the soccer pitch for New Mexico United will be shifted approximately seven degrees. The new layout was at the request of Major League Baseball and the Albuquerque Isotopes and will be implemented immediately, according to New Mexico United President and CEO Peter Trevisani. 

“The slight adjustment will allow the pitching mound, which has been previously removed and rebuilt after each game, to remain intact during the entire baseball season,” wrote Trevisani in the release. “It will also enable United to reduce the playing surface using temporary sod by approximately 30%. Both of these enhancements will increase player safety and provide a better, more consistent fan experience.” 

The full press release from New Mexico United can be found here

[Editor’s Note: Clint Belau, former head groundskeeper for the Isotopes, wrote an article for SportsField Management Magazine back in 2020 about the switch from baseball to soccer, in which he stated, “We removed/re-built our pitcher’s mound eight times (in 2019). In spring, the prospect of that only piled onto the mountain of disdain I had for the entire process.” For more insight about the previous conversion process, read Belau’s article here.]