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SiteOne expands Portfolio Nursery Collection

SiteOne Landscape Supply added four additional plant varieties to its Portfolio Nursery Collection, an exclusive line of premium plants and products designed to help landscape professionals exceed the highest customer expectations with stronger horticultural benefits, including improved genetics, enhanced maturity and unique varieties.

Curated with carefully selected traits, SiteOne’s Portfolio Collection now includes Echinacea Artisan Yellow Ombre, Royal Hawaiian Black Coral Elephant Ear, Delosperma Ocean Sunset Violet and American Pillar Arborvitae.

Ideal for beds, borders and containers, the Echinacea Artisan Yellow Ombre features large, single flowers from late spring to fall. Also ideal for borders, the Delosperma Ocean Sunset Violet has a high flower count, performs well in pots and features showy flowers that close at night and open midmorning.

The American Pillar Arborvitae is a dwarf, compact variety selected for its rapid growth, dense structure and improved habit. It is a desirable evergreen hedge or screening plant. The Royal Hawaiian Black Coral Elephant Ear excels in rich, wet soils, tolerates heat well and is a low-maintenance plant for customers.

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