Husqvarna CEORA

Gwinnett Soccer Academy adopts Husqvarna robotic mowers

Husqvarna Group announced Gwinnett Soccer Academy in partnership with Gwinnett County have become the first entities in Georgia to adopt autonomous mowing on their sports fields. With Husqvarna Ceora, more than 14 fields at two facilities will be autonomously mowed and maintained.  

“Gwinnett Parks and Recreation is thrilled to express our gratitude towards the Gwinnett Soccer Academy for their generous contribution towards the upkeep of our public fields,” said Josh Harris, parks manager for Gwinnett County Department of Community Services. “Their recent purchase of these units will help us better maintain the quality of our fields, offset labor hours in a demanding area and, ensuring an enjoyable experience for all who visit.”  

Ceora, an autonomous mowing solution for commercial applications, is ideal for large areas of turf. With systematic cutting and virtual boundaries, Ceora delivers precision results that are managed virtually via the smartphone app. With Ceora, wear and tear on turf from traditional heavy equipment is reduced, and turf quality is improved. Additionally, the adoption of autonomous mowing solutions enables crews to focus their time on more detailed work.  

“Automated robotic mowing has allowed us to take key staff off mowers and focus them on other tasks in the fields, providing an excellent soccer experience for all,” said Drew Prentice, executive director of Gwinnett Soccer Academy. “In the short time we have used the robotic mowers, we have noticed a significant decrease in weeds, pests such as ants, and even geese, which negatively impact the playing surface. Fine tuning the height of the cut down to the millimeter has drastically improved both the health of the turf and the overall quality of the playing surface, and we anticipate saving tens of thousands of dollars on renovation costs each year by, finally, maintaining our soccer fields to the world class standard we strive for.”  

Ceora delivers a precise cut because of its Razor 43M cutting deck featuring a three-cutting disc system made of hardened stainless steel. Active wheel brushes keep the drive wheels clean of clippings and debris to improve traction and reduce maintenance. Additionally, an ergonomic service position and IPX5 weatherproof certification enable easy maintenance and hose cleaning. Ceora charges from empty to full in 3-4 hours and automatically routes to a charging station when its battery runs low.    “Husqvarna pioneered robotic mowing in 1995 and has continued to innovate and lead in the space ever since,” said Carlos Haddad, Vice President of North America, Professional Products at Husqvarna Group. “We’re excited to see the adoption of our newest technology in incredible venues like GSA and Gwinnett County and believe this is only the beginning of a robotic revolution in turf care.”