Steiner AirFX Mower Deck

Steiner announces AirFX Mower Deck attachment

Steiner announced its newest attachment, the AirFX Mower Deck, an adjustable and easy-to-maintain mower deck available in 61” or 72” width sizes. 

The AirFX Mower Deck features:

  • A robust bullnose design that lifts grass, increases vacuum and protects the deck
  • A hydraulic lift that raises and lowers the deck from the operator’s seat for height of cut adjustments and transport
  • An extra large discharge for ideal airflow and a cleaner deck
  • An 80-degree hydraulic flip up that allows for improved cleaning and maintenance

The Steiner AirFX Mower Deck is engineered to handle a variety of turf types and can cut at varied heights between 1-5”. The attachment’s deep-deck bullnose design and patented Air-Gap baffle system creates a strong vacuum effect that helps lift the grass, providing a uniform quality of cut. The Air-Gap design also increases airflow, which aggressively shoots clippings out of the extra-large discharge opening, providing a cleaner deck. 

“Paired with the oscillating and articulating Steiner 450 tractor, the AirFX Mower Deck gives operators the unparalleled ability to mow various turf types and the toughest terrains with confidence,” said Ron Scheffler, senior product manager. “With features like the hydraulic lift, removable belt covers with clean-out ports, and striping rollers, the AirFX mower deck is designed for easy maintenance and serviceability, all while providing a beautiful, razor-sharp cut.”

The mower deck’s hydraulic lift provides the ability to raise and lower the deck from the operator’s seat for height of cut adjustments and transport. In addition, an 80-degree hydraulic flip up and various blow out ports allow for improved cleaning and maintenance. 

The Steiner AirFX Mower Deck is available for purchase now at Steiner dealers across the country. Prospective users can explore all of the product’s features and get an up close look by watching Steiner’s AirFX Mower Deck product video.

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