Barenbrug Jacklin

Barenbrug launches two-brand strategy to streamline product offerings

Barenbrug USA launched a new, two-brand strategy to streamline its product offerings and better serve its customers. Barenbrug now offers its products under two separate brands – Barenbrug and Jacklin.

“In the two years since we have acquired the Jacklin brand, we have taken time to assess the market, germplasm, and brand positioning to make sure we deliver both value and innovation to our customers,” said James Schneider, president and CEO. “As a result, we have added bluegrass cleaning facilities, started a bluegrass breeding program as well as refreshed and revitalized the Jacklin brand, it’s truly exciting to launch the culmination of these efforts in this two-brand strategy. All with the simple goal of making focused investments that help you be more profitable.”

Barenbrug Jacklin

In fulfillment of our “Yellow Promise,” the Barenbrug brand will continue to be solutions driven with new offerings specifically formulated to solve the needs of everyone who uses our products, from ranchers all the way to golf course superintendents. Barenbrug will continue to promote our Yellow Bag at the end-user level to further increase demand for our products from our nationwide distribution network. We at Barenbrug are dedicated to bringing you innovative technologies and solutions to meet the needs of end-users and will continue to work towards this goal every day.

The Jacklin brand, on the other hand, will be focused primarily on selling best-in-class varieties and top NTEP performers to enhance Barenbrug’s wide network of distributor-owned brands across North America. The Jacklin brand will offer a comprehensive range of species, including, but not limited to, Kentucky bluegrass, perennial ryegrass, tall fescue, fine fescue, and bermudagrass.

“Our new two-brand strategy is a response to changing customer needs and market trends,” said Andrew Crawford, director of marketing and brand management. “By separating our products into two distinct brands, we can better serve our customers and ensure that our products are reaching their intended markets.”

This new strategy has been welcomed by leaders in the industry, who see it as a way to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of Barenbrug’s operations.

“By focusing on end-users and distributors separately, Barenbrug can better understand and meet the needs of these two distinct customer groups,” said Bo Lacy, VP of operations. “At the end of the day, this is a move that will greatly benefit both our distributors and those who use our grass seed.” Barenbrug’s new two-brand strategy is already being implemented, and you can see the complete Jacklin portfolio of best-in-class genetics, visit: