Blowers sweepers vacuums

Blowers, Sweepers and Vacuums

In this month’s Equipment and Technology Focus, we highlight blowers, sweepers and vacuums.

Billy Goat’s Hurricane stand-on blower

The compact P2000 zero-turn stand-on blower with 3,500 cfm and 150-plus-mph air velocity has a patented Dual Deflector Air Flow System, allowing the operator to change the angle of air flow for deeper more efficient cleaning. And a patent-pending Directional Air Discharge Foot Pedal permits the operator to quickly transition air output from the left to the right side when turning. Add zero-turn maneuverability and 36-inch gate clearance, and this machine makes for fast and easy cleanup on or off the field!

blowers sweepers vacuums

Echo eFORCE 56V battery system

Echo Incorporated’s eFORCE 56V battery system includes 10 products, two batteries and two chargers. This line of Echo outdoor products is available at major retail locations and more than 6,000 independent Echo lawn care dealers across the United States. This new generation of battery-powered Echo eFORCE lawn equipment offers long usage times, power for dense/tough jobs, quiet operation, easy starts and maneuverability, cost efficiency and simple maintenance. Equipment in the new Echo eFORCE battery-powered cordless lineup include:

  • Handheld blower (550 cfm)
  • Chain saws (12” top-handle and 18” rear-handle)
  • String trimmers (16” and 17”)
  • Self-propelled 3-in-1 lawn mower (21”)
  • Hedge trimmers (22”)
  • Brushcutter (17”)
  • Pro Attachment Series trimmers (16” with 14 attachments and 17” with 15 attachments)
  • Batteries (2.5Ah and 5.0Ah)
  • Chargers (standard and rapid)
blowers sweepers vacuums

Honda Power Equipment VersAttach Multi-Purpose System

Featuring two powerhead options and six different attachments, the Honda VersAttach Multi-Purpose System combines the power and reliability of Honda 4-stroke engines with a robust lineup of tools to fit a wide range of needs. The Honda VersAttach System offers two powerhead models: the UMC425, powered by a Honda GX25 Mini 4-stroke engine, and the UMC435, powered by a GX35 Mini 4-stroke engine. The design of the Honda Mini 4-stroke engine provides for full, 360-degree operation, allowing the VersAttach to be used — and stored — upright, sideways or even upside down, and eliminates the need to mix fuel and oil, saving the operator valuable time, money, and frustration of trying to get the right fuel/oil mixture. Each model can be paired with an optional interchangeable edger, line trimmer, blower, hedge trimmer, pruner and cultivator that fit quickly and securely into the attachment shaft by way of Honda’s SureLoc joint locking system, saving time and effort for the user.

blowers sweepers vacuums

Husqvarna 580 backpack blower

Providing 15-percent more blowing force than its predecessor, the Husqvarna 580 backpack blower boasts best-in-class support with cushioned straps, ventilated back pad and hip belt that reduce fatigue and provide all-day comfort. With a fuel tank capacity of 89.7 fluid ounces, the 580 allows more running time. More running time in between refueling and all-day comfort means fewer stops, and more efficient work time. The high-compression X-TORQ engine, coupled with large-diameter high-flow elbow and carbon plastic fan design, instantly delivers 1,000 cfm of air flow and 220 mph air speed.

blowers sweepers vacuums

M18 Fuel dual battery blower

Milwaukee Tool’s M18 Fuel dual battery blower reaches full throttle in less than one second while providing the best clearing control. Leveraging Milwaukee’s Powerstate brushless motor, the blower delivers an output of 600 cfm and 145 mph, maintaining that power level throughout the full discharge of the battery. The simultaneous use of two M18 Redlithium batteries meets performance expectations in high-demand applications while maintaining system compatibility. With the ability to reach full throttle in less than one second, it delivers a maximum output of 17.7 newtons, helping users to tackle demanding applications with maximum control and productivity. Designed with an ambidextrous variable-speed lock-on lever, the blower allows users to easily lock into any power level while an optimized tool balance reduces fatigue and provides the best clearing control. Featuring a noise rating of 64 dB(A), the M18 Fuel dual battery blower eliminates emissions without sacrificing power.

blowers sweepers vacuums

Redexim Turf Tidy

The Redexim Turf Tidy is a versatile machine, allowing users to dethatch or verti-cut, and then sweep, all in one pass. The Turf Tidy’s fully floating head follows the ground contours, ensuring accurate cutting and excellent pickup. Another great use for the Turf Tidy is to pick up leaves, paper, pine needles, grass clippings, and even cores. The high-lift hopper can easily be emptied into a trailer or dumpster. The Turf Tidy comes in two sizes, which means there is one that will match your productivity goals. The Turf Tidy is also much more affordable than some might think, making this an ideal machine to help save time and labor.

blowers sweepers vacuums

Scag Windstorm

The Scag Windstorm stand-on blower features the exclusive Nozzle Direction System (NDS), providing unprecedented control of the air discharge tilt and rotation. Quick and easy adjustment via fingertip controls: 1) A mechanical lever provides 16-degrees of vertical tilt adjustment. 2) Two electric switches allow for automatic left/right horizontal rotation or manual rotation adjustment. Air output of up to 6,000 effective cfm paired with ground drive speeds up to 10.5 mph deliver optimum productivity. Windstorm’s spacious operator platform with coil-spring suspension ensures a smooth ride, whether you’re preparing asphalt for sealcoating or cleaning up leaves in the fall. A 37-hp. Briggs & Stratton Vanguard Big Block EFI engine delivers huge power and exceptional efficiency. The Scag Windstorm features a 2-year commercial warranty.

blowers sweepers vacuums

Stihl BGA 300

The first Stihl battery-powered backpack blower is also the most powerful battery blower in the Stihl lineup. With its high-performance brushless motor, the Stihl BGA 300 delivers 25 newtons of blowing force and max air speed of 194 mph (571 cfm) for heavy-duty clearing of dry and wet debris. Certified by the American Green Zone Alliance (AGZA), this blower is an environmentally conscious and zero-exhaust emission option. When paired with the Stihl AR 3000 L battery and used on level 1, the BGA 300 delivers up to 140 minutes of performance. Three power levels plus a boost mode improve battery efficiency for consistent, long-lasting power throughout the battery charge. Modeled after its gas counterparts, the BGA 300 gives users a robust and durable build while also providing a comfortable and compact, ergonomic design in a virtually maintenance free package.

blowers sweepers vacuums

Turf Pride Sweep-Rite

The Turf Pride Sweep-Rite is a durable, robust sweeper for lawns, tees and sports fields, and is available in a single unit or triple gang. Perfect for maintaining and cleaning synthetic turf, Options include magnets and grooming brush. It easily picks up grass, leaves, twigs and debris; and is designed for use on medium to large residential lawns, sports turf and artificial turf fields. The Sweep-Rite is equipped with a 10-cubic-foot-capacity mesh bottom basket and optional hopper extensions for bulky debris. Pick up head is polypropylene steel-backed brushes:

  • Eight brushes staggered in four rows
  • Variable height adjustment independent of the frame
  • Sealed ball bearings on brush axle for extended life
  • 10-1/2″ x 2-1/2″ drive wheels
  • Heavy-duty rear casters

The Sweep-Rite is easily towed by any equipment with a rear hitch hole – tow with a front engine tractor, zero-turn mower, ATV or golf cart. Parts are interchangeable with the Parker Suburbanite Sweeper (Note: OEM name used for descriptive purpose only, Turf Pride claims no association with them).

blowers sweepers vacuums

Turf Teq Power Broom

Brush pressure, brush speed and pivot angle (left/right) can all be adjusted easily from the operator position on the Turf Teq Power Broom. The Power Broom features a hydrostatic transmission, differential lock and a Honda commercial-grade GXV390 engine. The multi-use capability of the Power Broom allows the operator sweep debris, snow or dethatch lawns. The Power Broom attachment can also be removed allowing the operator to mount a Power Edger, Power Rake, Brush Cutter or Plow attachment.

blowers sweepers vacuums

Wiedenmann line of turf sweepers

Wiedenmann offers a full line of natural and artificial turf sweepers. The largest sweeper/verticutter/flail/fraise mower collection system is the Super 600 with a multi-purpose head and a high-dump 5.9 cubic yard hopper. Other available sweepers for natural turf include the Super 500, Super 490, and Super 1300. For artificial turf, the Terra Clean 100 and the Terra Clean 160CM use a rotary brush to bring debris and crumb rubber to a vibrating screen which separates and distributes the crumb rubber back onto the field while collecting the debris. Blowers include the Whisper Twister and the Mega Twister which are quiet while producing exceptional blowing capacities (cfm). Both units can swivel 270 degrees on the ground, thus directing airflow. In addition to these products, Wiedenmann makes a full line of verticutters, fraise/flail mowers, groomers, brushes, rakes, spikers, and deep-tine aerifiers for turf maintenance.

blowers sweepers vacuums