Sun Queen Landscape

Sun Queen Elite bermudagrass delivers total package

Pure Seed and Atlas Turf International announced the introduction of Sun Queen, their newest seeded bermudagrass for the golf, sports field, and landscape markets. This new release from the breeding program of Pure-Seed Testing, Inc. delivers the total package in elite seeded bermudagrass, with reliable growth, maximum protection, and advanced playability and appearance.

“Pure-Seed Testing developed Sun Queen using germplasm obtained from Mississippi State University,” said Dr. Melodee Fraser, director of Pure-Seed Testing, Inc. East.   “It has demonstrated wide adaptability by exhibiting excellent turf performance in multiple trial locations over a range of environments and management conditions. Sun Queen is well-adapted for sports turfs, golf courses, parks, lawns, and amenity turf areas.”

Consistently ranked as a top establishing bermudagrass in NTEP trials, Sun Queen provides rapid grow-in. From there, the durability of Sun Queen takes over with extreme wear tolerance, demonstrated through leading results in trials for performance under traffic stress at the University of Tennessee. And when injury does occur, Sun Queen’s aggressive growth delivers quick recovery.

The harshest turfgrass challenges are no match for Sun Queen. As its name implies, Sun Queen withstands extreme heat without sacrificing performance. Adding further sustainability, it offers dependable drought tolerance. The powerful protection of Sun Queen continues with proven disease resistance.

The total package would not be complete without advances in aesthetics and playability. Sun Queen features a beautiful dark green color, refined leaf texture, and early spring green-up. Combine these attributes with excellent turf quality and density, and Sun Queen produces a better and more beautiful playing surface.

For added assurance during the grow-in stage, Sun Queen is protected by PureCoat+ water absorbent seed coating. PureCoat+ guards the seed against environmental pressures and provides faster germination, quicker establishment, and improved water efficiency for stronger, healthier plants.