Power Turf Renovation PTO-60

Power Turf Renovation PTO-60 sports field renovation machine

The Power Turf Renovation PTO-60 sports field renovation machine aerates, de-thatches, verticuts, levels playing surfaces and removes the problematic infield lips. This machine will be on display at the upcoming SFMA show in Salt Lake City January 18-19, 2023 (booth 1319).

With one tractor and an operator, an entire football field can be done in 2-3 hours. With the 5/8″ blade spacing and a 60″wide swath, the process can be adjusted down to a depth of 2″.

  • De-thatching: This machine will de-thatch down to a depth of 2″ bringing thatch to the surface for disposal.
  • Aeration: Adjustable to a depth of 2″, this machine will alleviate soil compaction, promote nutrient penetration and increase drainage. Since this is not a coring or solid tine aeration machine, there aren’t any cores to clean up or holes to fill after the process is complete.
  • Vertical mower (Verticutter): With 5/8″ blade spacing, the runners of the turf are cut allowing the root structure to thrive. We have seen the best results alternating 90° each time the machine is run.
  • Baseball infield lip removal: Finding a solution to this problem has troubled turf maintainers for years. In one pass, the lip where the turf meets the infield brick dirt is removed.
  • Turf leveling: This machine has been employed by several laser leveling companies to do the very fine finish leveling.
  • Gopher mound removal: These mounds are removed quickly and easily. Simply run the machine right over the top and behind the machine will be a smooth surface. 

For more information, visit https://powerturfrenovation.com/