Makita top handle chain saws

Three new XGT top handle chain saws from Makita

Makita is continuing to meet the demands of professional arborists with three new 40V max XGT top handle chain saws, each with the power equivalent to a 30cc gas top handle chain saw.

•  The 40V max XGT 12″ top handle chain saw is ideal for pruning or limbing in smaller or more compact work areas.

•  The 40V max XGT 14″ top handle chain saw is a midrange chain saw for a wide variety of everyday cutting tasks.

• Larger limbs require a bigger bar and chain. The 40V max XGT 16″ top handle chain saw has the capacity to cut through larger limbs while still having lower weight and high power.

The XGT System gives users one battery platform for a full range of equipment and tools, from demolition hammers and high-capacity saws to core handheld tools like drills and impact drivers, and more.