Stihl BGA300 battery backpack blower

Stihl BGA 300 battery-powered backpack blower

The first Stihl battery-powered backpack blower is also the most powerful battery blower in the Stihl lineup. With its high-performance brushless motor, the Stihl BGA 300 delivers a powerful 25 newtons of blowing force and max air speed of 194 mph (571 cfm) for heavy-duty clearing of both dry and wet debris. Certified by the American Green Zone Alliance (AGZA), this blower is an environmentally conscious and zero-exhaust emission option.

When paired with the Stihl AR 3000 L battery and used on level 1, the BGA 300 delivers up to 140 minutes of performance. Three power levels plus a boost mode improve battery efficiency for consistent, long-lasting power throughout the battery charge. Modeled after its gas counterparts, the BGA 300 gives users a robust and durable build while also providing a comfortable and compact, ergonomic design in a virtually maintenance free package.

“Not only is this unit the most powerful battery backpack blower we’ve developed to date, the addition of the Stihl Noise Reduction System is a big part of what sets this backpack blower apart,” said Paul Beblowski, Sithl Inc. product manager. “By reducing negative noise, the system improves sound quality and provides 360-degree noise reduction that is perfect for noise-sensitive areas.”

The battery-powered BGA 300 is packed with the following additional features:

  • The weather-resistant design allows users to take on blowing tasks even in inclement weather, reducing downtime.
  • The Stihl anti-vibration system helps reduce operator fatigue and provide a more comfortable working experience.
  • Low noise and clean operation makes the BGA 300 ideal and approved for use indoors.
  • A multi-function handle provides easy access to all of the controls for one-handed adjustment, allowing simple and reliable operation for the user.
  • Telescopic tube makes it quick and easy to adjust the length of the blower tube to accommodate user preferences and working conditions.
  • The variable speed trigger allows for continuous adjustment of the engine speed to regulate airflow. When the lever is released, the engine stops.
  • A rubberized soft touch handle is designed to provide an easy and secure grip, making the product comfortable to hold for extended periods.
  • A storage hook for the blower tube allows the tube to latch into place on the carrying handle, making the machine compact and easy to transport.