Aspen Investments

Aspen Investments adds CoreMax48

The Aspen Investments family of companies continues to broaden its turf and landscape product offerings with a license agreement as the exclusive distributor of the CoreMax48, a timesaving aeration core collection unit. Aspen Investments, which supports the golf, lawn care and landscape markets, executed an agreement making this aeration core collection unit available throughout all regions of the United States. CoreMax48 will be available at all Aspen Investments distribution locations over the coming months.

The CoreMax48 is an aeration core collection unit designed to not only save time and labor but also overcome weather dynamics such as inclement weather and saturated conditions. Its design collects cores without them touching the ground, saving maintenance crews from the back-breaking work of constant shoveling. Recuperative capacity of the turf is enhanced, accelerating the return of playable conditions. Unlike other core collection units, the CoreMax48 can back up on golf greens and navigate most architectural undulations.

“The CoreMax48 is a highly innovative aeration attachment that we’re thrilled to offer to our customers,” said Keith Montgomery, Chief Business Development Officer for Aspen Investments. “Aeration is a crucial process for maintaining healthy, oxygenated turf, and we’re glad we can deliver the CoreMax48 as a solution for our customers to help them be successful.”

“The CoreMax48 is a truly innovative piece of equipment that saves hours of labor and delivers outstanding agronomic goals for golf courses across the nation,” said Inventor and Patent Holder of CoreMax48, John Shaw. “With Aspen Investments’ wealth of agronomic success and vast distribution footprint, we couldn’t dream of a better partner to help CoreMax48 expand, not only in golf, but also into other sports industries that have the same needs.”

Customers can contact a local representative for more information on buying or renting a CoreMax48 aeration core collection unit.