Turf Tank software

Turf Tank launches next-gen robotic line marking software

Turf Tank is launching the next-generation line marking software for its robot, improving its usability, and increasing the efficiency of the line marking process. The new software will be available to all new customers globally, beginning July 1.

Ever since its launch in 2015, the Turf Tank robot has helped sports organization around the world save time and money painting their fields. And with the new product, the company aims to make the process even easier for those managing fields.

“The platform embodies all the experience we have accumulated throughout the years,” said Stefan Thilemann, chief technology engineer. “We have built it based on all the customer feedback we’ve gotten and tried to rethink how this system could be used in a way that saves turf managers even more time.”

The new system brings a set of new features that improve the user experience. On one hand it gives the users a fast and easy solution of painting their fields, with just a few taps on the screen, while it also expends and gives more freedom to the user, who now has full control in customizing every little aspect of the line marking process.

The new design features a user-friendly interface which resembles familiar apps, making the software easier to understand and operate. The tablet is loaded with predefined sports layouts, which are designed to follow the regulations of the governing bodies for the specific sports. The user can simply select the desired layout, drag it onto the map and the robot will then paint by itself the lines in the correct location with the correct width and length, according to the rulebooks.

Every facility is unique, and some have very specific needs regarding the way the fields are painted. With the new custom layouts feature the user has total freedom in designing every line on the field according to the organization’s needs.

Once the fields are created, all the settings are saved through cloud synchronization, so the turf managers can easily find what they need the next time they repaint and be at ease of mind that they will never lose their settings.

New and improved features

  • Time and paint estimations: With the new software, users can now see an estimation of the paint required to complete the markings, either for one field, or for all the fields selected for the job. The time estimations previously available will continue to be supported, now with increased accuracy. All these configurations will help turf managers be prepared in advanced, so they can bring to the field the right amount of paint and finish the markings in time for the game.
  • Lists, tags, search: Finding the right field is now easier as well. The tag feature allows users to group together fields in a list and give them a common tag, so they can easily find all the fields they are interested in painting. The reversed geotargeting feature will be a valuable addition for those who maintain multiple fields in different locations. The user can search for a city, or a street name and the app will display all the fields designed for that location.
  • Route planner: Users can choose different routes the robot will take when painting the fields. They can select between efficient settings, for users who want the job to be finished as fast as possible, or highest quality, to ensure the robot does the least amount of crossings over already painted lines.

Further updates with new features will be brought regularly, which will give users even more room for customization.