K-Rain Pro EX 2.0

K-Rain Manufacturing PRO EX 2.0 modular irrigation controller

K-Rain Manufacturing announced the market release of its 14 station expansion modules for the PRO EX 2.0.

“The PRO EX 2.0 modular controller is one of the most feature-packed controllers in the market,” said Richie Shao, K-Rain product engineer.  “And now, with the introduction of our 14 station expansion modules, a user can run as many as 28 zones from the controller.”

“The demand in our test markets was over the top,” reported Greg Dougherty, sales director North America.  “Contractors love the flexibility of being able to run 4, 8, 12, 14, 16, 22 or 28 zones from the PRO EX in their larger sprinkler systems.”

Available as a W-iFi kit or Wi-Fi-enabled unit, the PRO EX 2.0 modular irrigation controller has advanced features including full program display, Weather IQ, seasonal adjust, buried valve locator, and is rain/freeze and flow sensor ready.