Lawnmower Fender

Canadian inventor creates lawnmower attachment to protect plants

Canadian inventor Robert Sitarz has created The Lawnmower Fender, an attachment for all types of lawnmowers designed to prevent irreparable damage to plants, shrubs and flowers that drape over into the lawn/landscape.

“This attachment mounts quickly and easily on most walk-behind, ride-on, stand-on or zero-turn lawnmowers” said Sitarz, who is from Manitoba. “It acts as an extra helping hand in front of the mower — gently lifting stems and branches out of harm’s way.  Like a cattle guard on a train, it simply clears the path ahead so that mowing can take place without any interference.”  

The Lawnmower Fender benefits users by allowing for faster service times, more efficient employees and happier customers. 

A pharmacist by profession, Sitarz is from the small town of Oakbank just outside of Winnipeg. For more information, visit