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Turf Tank - The Future of Line Marking

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Anyone working in turf maintenance knows that painting a football field is not an easy task. It requires hard work, patience, and attention to detail, not to mention hours of walking up and down the field while pushing the line marker. But marking a football field doesn’t have to be this hard. 

The Turf Tank robot is the football field painter that makes the job easier for turf managers, while saving the organization time and money.

Just two minutes spent on painting football fields

When painting a football field manually, the process typically requires four people and up to 20 man-hours to lay down all the lines for the game. With the Turf Tank robot, it’s a one-person job. Instead of pulling strings and pushing the manual machine, the robot operator controls the robot with a smart tablet. In just two minutes, and with a few taps, the robot is ready to drive straight to the starting point and begin painting. It will complete a football field in less than three hours all by itself, saving the crew valuable time to focus on other tasks. 

For Lance Helton, head football coach at Jeff Davis High School, Ga., the time savings are a real benefit of robotic field painting. 

“Instead of us being here at 11.30 at night before a game, we’re able to feed our kids supper, we’re able to send our coaches home to their families and improve their quality of life,” said Helton. “Let them spend time with their own kids and wives. That is important to me as a leader of our program along with the head coaches of other programs in the school. We want to increase the quality of lives of our coaches while being efficient.” 

Reduce paint consumption by up to 50%

The Turf Tank robot is equipped with a low-pressure pump/nozzle system, which reduces paint consumption by up to 50%.  It also has a 5-gallon jug of paint, so that it can complete a football field in one go, without the crew having to stop their other activities to change the paint. 

Your field. Your identity

Due to its advanced GPS technology, the Turf Tank robot will paint all the lines on a football field, including numbers, with maximum precision, without the need for any stencils. It will memorize all locations from the initial marking, for 100% accurate overmarking.

Apart from perfectly straight lines, the Turf Tank robot can give your field a unique look. With the custom logo feature, you can paint your team’s name in the end zone or your mascot in the midfield – in any color – raising both team spirit and fans’ excitement for the next big game! And, speaking of colors, the Turf Tank robot comes in every one imaginable. You can have your own one-of-kind robot mascot in your organization’s colors!

Join the future of football field painting with Turf Tank!

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