MASTMA releases its own BMP

On the wings of STMA announcing the national BMP, the Mid-Atlantic Sports Turf Managers Association (MASTMA) introduced the MASTMA BMP. The MASTMA BMP was designed specifically for the Mid-Atlantic region and can be used for educational, government, and employment purposes. 


  • Reinforces that sports field managers are educated and highly trained professionals that make decisions based on scientific fact and experience.
  • Counters proposed legislation that will limit what sports field managers can use to effectively and successfully perform their jobs.
  • Recognizes sports field management industry professionals as stewards of the environment by spelling out to organizations, communities, and state officials exactly how sports field managers operate in a clear transparent manner.
  • Serves as the basis for how professionals conduct themselves in accordance with state/local regulations and a resource available for other STMA chapters.
  • Highlights industry-specific practices that ensure the safety of the community and environment remain the top priority for sports field managers. 

MASTMA hopes its BMP will become the template for other organizations and sports field managers nationwide

Click here to view the MASTMA BMP.

The MASTMA BMP Committee included Patrick Coakley (committee chair), Nicole Andrews, Jason Bowers, and Scott Orndorff.