ASTM International invites participation in revision of field hockey eye safety standard

ASTM International’s committee on sports equipment, playing surfaces, and facilities (F08) invites interested parties to participate in an ongoing revision of its standard on eye protectors for field hockey players. The purpose of the revision is to incorporate prescription lens carrier requirements into the standard (F2713).

According to Dale Pfriem, chairman of ASTM subcommittee F08.57 on eye safety for sports and principal of Protective Equipment Consulting Services, LLC, the current standard defines testing parameters for eye protectors with either plano or prescriptive lens or without a lens. Adding an option for prescription lens carriers to plano or non-lens (cage) protectors will provide a more efficient option to accommodate those players who require vision correction. Eyewear meeting the criteria in ASTM F2713 is safer for field hockey players, protecting against both direct and indirect impacts to the eye.

James Archibald, Esq., vice chair of the eye safety for sports subcommittee (F08.57) and an officer of sporting goods’ STX, LLC, adds that: “As with all subcommittee activity, the eye protector standard aims to address worst-case scenario injuries to the eye. The rigorous testing required to comply with the standard ensures a high-level of safety for all players wearing eye protection during field hockey games.” 

In addition to the safety of field hockey eyewear, the subcommittee’s activities cover multiple other sports, including ski and snowboarding, paintball, lacrosse, and racket sports. 

Chairman Pfriem says the eye safety subcommittee always welcomes new participating members. “To maintain the accuracy and relevance of our standards, we are open for laboratories, manufacturers, officials,  trainers and general interest groups to contribute their expertise.”

ASTM welcomes participation in the development of its standards. Become a member at