Hunter MP Stake Kits

New Hunter MP Stake Kits

Native plant restoration projects and subsurface drip irrigation systems often require temporary overhead watering to support delicate plants. To simplify this process, two new preassembled staking kits are now available for use with high-efficiency Hunter MP Rotator nozzles. Hunter also offers a riser-mounted solution for standard and pressure-regulated PGP shrub rotors.

Designed for use with any water-efficient MP Rotator nozzle, MP Stake Kits come preassembled for simple installation. Standard components include a 26″ stake, ½” threaded connection, distribution tubing, and a nozzle adapter. For maximum water savings, add a built-in Hunter Check Valve and 40 PSI pressure regulator. Quickly give fragile plants the supplemental irrigation they need without adding significant labor.

Riser-Mounted Rotor Stake Kit

For larger areas with higher flow requirements, pair the riser-mounted stake kit with standard or pressure-regulated PGP shrub rotors. Manufactured with durable, UV-stabilized plastics that hold up to extreme environments, the kit features a plastic cap that covers the exposed rebar. It also includes a plastic strap that is much safer than the typical metal clamps used to secure sprinklers. This makes it an easy and cost-effective method for temporary irrigation in areas where foot traffic may cause damage or customer liability is a concern.