Become a sponsor for STMA’s virtual conference

Sponsors receive excellent recognition before and during STMA’s two-day virtual conference. There are several sponsorships available including:

Session sponsor ($1,000 each)

•          Hot-linked logo.

•          Logo or gif on splash screen before session begins.

•          Opportunity to play 30-second commercial during the session.

Attendee confirmation e-mails ($1,000)

•          Sponsor an attendee informational e-mail.

•          Hot-linked logo and opportunity to give a conference “teaser.” Example: “Visit our virtual booth and win a chance to receive a prize,” or “Visit our booth to learn more about our new product line.”

New Product Showcase ($500 – Limited to 20 companies)

•          Show off a new product with a live video feed during a scheduled time period.

•          Push notifications to drive attendees to your booth and your scheduled showcase time.

•          Receive notifications in live time as to who is visiting your virtual booth. 

Gamification ($300-$750)

•          Encourage attendees to request information from you or interact with you in your virtual booth.

•          Depending on the level of interaction you can elect to give attendees a code that will be used to redeem points. Points can then be exchanged for prizes. 

Don’t see something that is a good fit for your company? Contact and STMA will work with you to design a special sponsorship.